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By Brother Alexis Norton, S.T.

The greatest human joy

is the certain knowledge that we are loved!

Silent Love and Silent Gratitude

Aren’t worth a damn!

If you’re grateful, say it!

If you love someone, tell them so…

Today! Now!

I love you, I love you, I love you!

— Brother Alexis Norton, S.T.


The saying goes... "When you're having a bad day, you need a meeting and when you're having a 'really bad' day, you need a Retreat. With "MY LITTLE RETREAT BOOK", you've got one at your fingertips. Originally recorded by Nova tapes by Earl, permission was granted to recreate (word-for-word) this two-day, 12-Step Spiritual Retreat held at Bon Secours Retreat Center, Marriottsville, MD, and presented by much-beloved Brother Alexis Norton of the Trinity Missions. Using his trademark lighthearted but penetrating style, Brother Alexis shares his message of 12-Step recovery, love, and grace that has inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of members of AA, CDA, and NA in and around the Mid-Atlantic area. Now you, too, can have Brother's Golden Nuggets of guidance, motivation, and comfort on a wide variety of topics any time of the day or night!


Product Details

Soft Cover: 128 pages

Publisher: Newcomer Press July 1, 2008

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0-9817424-0-3

Product Dimensions: 4X6 inches

Shipping Weight: 8 ounces


All proceeds from "MY LITTLE RETREAT BOOK" will be donated to various 12-Step Retreat Scholarship Funds.

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